Apéro Plate – A great selling sharing platter comprising dried sausage, cured ham, onion rings with garlic mayo, gerkins and home made salsa with tortilla chips. 10.60€

Small Nachos (ideal for one to three friends) – Crispy tortilla chips with a serving of fresh home-made salsa, a melted mozzarella and cheddar topping mix and a garlic and chive dip. Served with or without sliced olives. 8.40€

“Big Ass Nachos” (ideal for three or more friends) – As above except a more substantial portion. 15.90€ Chorizo supplement 2.00€

Deep fried Camembert Bites – Eight pieces of hot, crispy coated, fried camembert bites served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. 6.70€

BBQ Chicken Wings – Eight BBQ wings. 9.90€

Onion Rings – The name says it all. Ten crispy crumbed rings of onion and potato mix served with a garlic mayo. One of our biggest sellers. 6.50€

Large Bowl of Fries – 6mm thin, crispy McDonald “style” fries. 8.10€ Add melted mozzarella cheddar cheese mix 2.00€ and Garlic Mayo 1.00€

Small Bowl of Fries – 6mm thin, crispy McDonald “style” fries. 4.90€ Add melted mozzarella cheddar cheese mix 2.00€ and Garlic Mayo 1.00€

Peanuts – Salted or Spicy 2.00€

Crisps – Ready Salted, Chicken or Salt and Vinegar 2.00€

Chocolate Bar – 1.90€

Pringles – Hot & Spicy, Paprika, Original or Salt & Vinegar 2.80€


Savoyard Burger – 100gr beef pattie, melted Reblochon cheese and dry cured ham 15.90€

** NEW ** Italienne Burger – 100gr beef pattie served in a Brioche bun with pesto, rocket, sliced tomato and buffalo mozzarella 15.90€

Pulled Pork Burger – 133gr (approx) of Pulled pork in a bun, BBQ sauce and coleslaw on the side 15.90€

Cheeseburger – 100g beef pattie in a sesame seed bun, iceberg lettuce, tomato, burger sauce, ketchup and of course, melted cheddar 14.70€

Veggie Cheeseburger – 130g pattie comprising of carrots, sweetcorn, cauliflower, onions and mild pepper an slices of cheddar. Served with lettuce and tomatoes. Also possible Savoyard (without the ham of course) or Italienne Burger 13.90€


Hot Dishes

Fish ‘n Chips – The English classic served in newspaper with a home-made tartare sauce, lemon wedge and garnish 16.20€

Chicken Curry – Delicious “homemade” chicken curry comprising succulent pieces of chicken cooked in the usual Indian spices. Served with steaming rice (or string fries – you choose) and a crisp papadum 15.90€

Veggie Curry – Our home made, mild spiced aubergine & chickpea curry served with rice and papadum – a popular dish 14.00€

Bœuf Bourguignon – Classic French dish of tender pieces of beef braised in a deep red wine sauce with garlic, onion, bacon, bouquet garni and served with rice or fries – its your choice! 17.00€


Fruit Crumble – Homemade comforting fruit crumble served with ‘French custard’. 6.50€

Hot Chocolate Pudding – Our bestselling chocolate pudding with a molten, melted chocolate filling served with Chantilly cream on the side 6.70€

Tarte Tatin – A hot upside down pastry with caramelized apples and flaked toasted almonds served with ice cream 7.10€

Dame Blanche – Three scoops of vanilla ice-cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce 5.90€



PERONI NASTRO AZZURO 4.7% – A crisp and refreshing beer crafted with passion and flair to offer a delicate balance of bitterness and subtle citrus aromatic notes.

25cl/46cl 4.00€/7.00€

GROLSCH BLONDE 5.0% – Brewed for refreshment and greater depth of flavour. Perfectly blending malted barley and two types of hop – one for aroma and one for bitterness.

25cl/46cl 3.80€/6.50€

MEANTIME LONDON PALE ALE 4.3% – British and American hops unite to make a hoppy pale ale that is packed with citrussy flavour.

25cl/46cl 3.70€/6.40€

ST STEFANUS BLONDE 7.0% – A Belgain “Bière d’Abbaye” with a slightly smokey taste. With hazelnut and caramel nuances and a hint of dark chocolate, yet not too sweet.

25cl/46cl 4.80€/8.40€

KOZEL Czech Pilsner Blonde – Selected for great taste, this beer will be changed throughout the season.  25cl/46cl 3.00€/5.50€

Picon Supplement 25cl/46cl 0.50€/1.00€


Cornona Extra (35.5cl) – 6.50€

Guinness (50cl) – Widget Can 7.10€

Leffe Blonde (33cl) – 5.00€

Magners Irish Cider (33cl) – 5.00€

Desperados (33cl) – 5.00€

Mont Blanc White Beer (33cl) – 6.40€

Fruit Beer (33cl) – 5.90€

Alcohol Free Beer (33cl) – 3.20€



Mas de la Source – Rosé de Province. With a blend of 60% Cinsault and 40% Grenache grapes, this deliciously fresh wine has the perfect balance of soft, ripe fruit and freshness, with notes of strawberry, raspberry and rose petal.

Glass (17.5cl) 4.00€ Bottle (75cl) 14.50€


Merlot – Clos de Belloc reserve. Flavours of Black cherry, berries, plum and chocolate.

Glass (17.5cl) 4.00€ Bottle (75cl) 14.50€

Cotes du Rhone – Le Plan des Tours 2018. Silky, fruity and easy on the palette.

Glass (17.5cl) : 4.90€ Bottle (75cl) : 16.20€

Crozes-Hermitage – A crisp fruity tasting wine with freshness and floral aromas.

Bottle Only (75cl) 29.90€


Sauvignon Blanc – Clos de Belloc Reserve. A dry wine with citrus flavours and hint of melon.

Glass (17.5cl) 4.00€ Bottle (75cl) 14.50€

Chardonnay de Bourgogne – Bourgogne Blanc 2018 Domaine Olivier Depardon. A fruity wine with a strong vanilla tone (the missus drinks bottles of it!)

Glass (17.5cl) 4.90€ Bottle (75cl) 16.20€


Champagne – Glass (16cl) Bottle (75cl) 53.00€

Prosecco – Glass (16cl) 5.90€ Bottle (75cl) 29.00€


Kir (17.5cl) – White wine with a splash of Peach or Blackurrant spirit 4.50€

Kir Royale Savoyard (16cl) – Champagne with a splash of Blueberry Creme 9.50€

Alcoholic Drinks


After Eight (2cl + 2cl) –  Baileys layered over GET 27 7.30€

Aperol Spritz – Prosecco, Aperol and sparkling water 8.10€

Bloody Mary (4cl) – Vodka and Tomato Juice 7.80€

Espresso Martini – Kahlua, Vodka & Cafe 8.10€

Ginger Gin (4cl) – Gin with ginger ale mixer 8.00€

Pornstar Martini – Vanilla Vodka, Passoa, Passion fruit syrup and lime 9.40€


Amaretto (4cl) – 6.30€

Bacardi (4cl) – 6.30€

Brandy (4cl) – 6.30€

Cognac (4cl) – 7.20

Gin (4cl) – 6.30€

House Vodka Shot (2cl) – 3.20€

 Jägerbomb (2cl) – 4.00

 Jägermeister Shot (2cl) – 3.80€

Kahlua (4cl) – 6.30€

Malibu (4cl) – 6.30€

Martini (4cl) – Red or White 5.40€

Meter of House Vodka Shots (10 x 2cl) – 28.50€

Port (4cl) – 5.40€

Premium Gin (4cl) – 7.20€

Dark Rum (4cl) – 6.30€

Premium Spiced Rum (4cl) – 8.00€

Ricard (4cl) – Aniseed Spirit 4.00€

Sambuca Shot (2cl) – 3.80€

Vodka (4cl) – 6.30€


  • Aberlour Single Malt (4cl) – 7.20€
  • Bushmills Irish (4cl) – 8.00€
  • Clan Campbell (4cl) – 6.30€

  • Glenlivet Single Malt (4cl) – 7.20€

  • Jack Daniels (4cl) – 7.20€


 Baileys (4cl) – 6.30€

 Calvados (4cl) – 7.20€

 Cognac (4cl) – 7.20€

 Genepy (4cl) – 6.30€

 Marc de Savoie (4cl) – 7.20€

 Poire Williams (4cl) – 6.30€

 Southern Comfort (4cl) – 7.20€


Hot & Cold Drinks


Americano Coffee – 1.50€

Espresso – 1.20€

French Coffee (4cl Napoleon Brandy) – 8.50€

Grog au Rum (4cl) – 6.90€

Hot Chocolate – 2.50€

Hot Chocolate with 4cl Baileys or 4cl Get 27 – 6.50€

Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream – 2.90€

Irish Coffee (4cl Bushmills) – 8.50€

Tea – 2.80€

Tisane – 2.80€

Vin Chaud (16cl) – 3.50€

White Coffee – 2.50€


Coca-Cola/Coke Zero (33cl) – 2.50€

Fruit Juice (33cl) – 2.30€

Fruit Syrup (33cl) – 1.90€

Ginger Ale (33cl) – 3.50€

Ice Tea (33cl) – 2.80€

Lemonade (33cl) – 2.20€

Lemonade with Syrup (33cl) – 2.40€

Enery Drink PET (33cl) – 3.50€

Orangina (33cl) – 2.80€

Perrier (33cl) – 2.80€

Schweppes Agrumes (33cl) – 2.80€

Still Mineral Water (25cl) – 2.80€

Sparkling Water PET (33cl) – 2.90€

Tonic Water (33cl) – 3.00€

Huski – Takeaway Only TBC

(O,M) Spiced Cauliflower & Aubergine Shakshuka A traditional Middle-Eastern dish of chargrilled aubergines, peppers and chickpeas in a tomato, cinnamon and cumin sauce, topped with spiced roasted cauliflower. 8.50€ per person.

(O) Veggieflette (for two)Layers of potato, Reblochon and smoked Raclette cheese, sundried tomato and courgette in a creamy sauce. 6.30€ per person.

(O) Roasted Vegetable Lasagne Layers of roasted peppers, mushrooms, courgettes and spinach between Italian egg pasta with a creme fraiche and mascarpone sauce. 8.50€ per person.

(O,M) Coq au Vin (for two) – Succulent leg of chicken cooked slowly in red wine with back bacon and mushrooms. 7.50€ per person.

(O) Savoyard Chicken (for two) Succulent chicken pieces in creamy tarragon and Dijon mustard sauce topped with a Gruyere crust. This is our best selling chicken dish, and perhaps the nicest dinner you will eat on your skiing holiday.  10.00€ per person.

(O) Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie (for two) – Tender chicken breast, ham and sweet leeks in a white wine sauce, topped with our new melt-in-the-mouth, shortcrust pastry. 7.50€ per person.

(O) Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks (for two) – Succulent slow-cooked lamb shanks in a red wine and rosemary jus – a great way to re-fuel after a day on the slopes. 11.50€ per person.

(O,M) Macaroni Cheese – Rich, cheesy, irresistible, made with vintage, West Country Cheddar, with added cream and a touch of English mustard and lemon juice. 7.50€ per person.

(O) Beef Wellington (for two) – Prime fillet of beef with a porcini mushroom duxelles wrapped in an all-butter puff pastry. 16.00€ per person.

(O,M) Sausage Casserole – Sliced pork and leek sausages with new potatoes, bacon and leeks in an apple & mustard sauce. 7.50€ per person.

(O) Lasagne Al Forno (for two) – A slow-cooked ragu of beef and pork layered between sheets of free range egg pasta, with bechamel sauce and a West Country cheddar topping. 7.50€ per person.

(O) Cottage Pie – Minced beef, slow-cooked with red wine, thyme, celery and carrots, covered with buttery mash and topped with a mustard seed crumb 7.50€ per person.  

(O) Denotes oven cook (M) Denotes microwave cook