Apéro Plate – A great sharing platter comprising dried mini sausage, cured ham, onion rings, garlic mayo, gherkins and homemade hummus with bread sticks and tortilla chips 14.60€

Sharing Nachos (ideal for one to two friends) – Our house salsa served on crispy tortillas with a melted mozzarella/cheddar mix, sliced olives and garlic chive dip. Add chorizo to spice it up for just 1.80€ 10.70€

“Big Ass Nachos” (ideal for three or more friends) – As above except a more substantial portion. Chorizo supplement 2.50€ 17.90€

Camembert Bites – Eight pieces of hot, crispy coated, camembert bites served with a sweet chilli dipping or warm apple sauce 8.70€

BBQ Chicken Wings – Eight BBQ wings 9.90€

Onion Rings – Ten onion (with a touch of potato) rings served with house garlic mayo dip. One of our biggest sellers. 7.50€

Large Bowl of Fries (ideal for three or more friends)Thin, crispy “McDonald style” fries. Add melted cheddar/mozzarella cheese mix for 2.80€ or Garlic Mayo for 1.20€ 8.90€

Small Bowl of Fries (ideal for one to two friends) – Thin, crispy “McDonald style” fries. Add melted cheddar/mozzarella cheese mix for 2.80€ or garlic mayo for 1.20€ 5.90€

Twin Nuts – Crispy coated peanuts 2.00€

Crisps – Selection of flavours 2.00€


Savoyard Burger – 100gr beef pattie with melted Reblochon cheese, air dried mountain ham, burger sauce, ketchup & fries 17.80€

Italienne Burger – 100gr beef pattie served in a brioche bun with pesto, rocket, sliced tomato and buffalo mozzarella 16.90€

Pulled Pork Burger – 160gr (approx.) of Pulled pork in a bun with BBQ sauce and topped off with coleslaw 16.40€

Cheeseburger – 100g beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, burger sauce, ketchup and melted cheddar cheddar 15.70€

Veggie Cheeseburger – 80gr vegetable burger (not soya) in a brioche bun with melted cheddar, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, burger sauce and fries 15.40€

Veggie Italienne Burger – 80g Vegetable burger (not soya) served in a brioche bun with buffala mozzarella, pesto, roquette, tomato and fries 15.90€

**NEW** Vegan Crunchy Chik’n® Burger – 90g plant based Chik’n® Vegan Burger served in a brioche bun with iceberg lettuce and homemade garlic mayo 15.90€


Hot Dishes

Fish ‘n Chips – A crispy battered cod fillet of 170g (approx.) served with crunchy fries, homemade tartare sauce, garnish and a fresh lemon wedge. Why not add garlic mayo for a new twist? 17.40€

Bœuf Bourguignon – Classic French dish – beef braised in red wine with garlic, onion, bouquet garni and served with rice or fries 18.00€

Chicken Curry – Delicious “homemade” chicken curry comprising succulent pieces of chicken cooked in the usual Indian spices and served with steaming rice (or fries) and a crispy poppadom 16.90€

Veggie Curry – Our home-made mild cauliflower, tomato and chickpea curry served with rice and a poppadom 14.80€


Dame Blanche – Four scoops of vanilla ice-cream with whipped cream on top, a crunchy biscuit and chocolate sauce 6.70€

Pear Crumble – Homemade comforting, filling pear crumble served with ‘French Custard’ 7.90€

Hot Chocolate Pudding – Our bestselling hot chocolate cake with melted chocolate filling served with Chantilly cream on the side 7.90€

Tarte Tatin – Upside down pastry with caramelized apples and flaked toasted almonds served hot with a scoop of ice cream 8.20€

Tartlette au Citron – Lemon Tartlet served with Chantilly cream on the side 8.20€



KOZEL PREMIUM LAGER 4.6% – Kozel Premium Lager is made with three selected malts and the aromatic Czech hop Premiant producing a well-balanced taste. 25cl/46cl 4.00€/7.00€

PERONI NASTRO AZZURO 5.1% – A crisp and refreshing beer crafted with passion and flair to offer a delicate balance of bitterness and subtle citrus aromatic notes.  25cl/46cl 4.50€/7.80€

MEANTIME LONDON PALE ALE 4.3% – British and American hops unite to make a hoppy pale ale that is packed with citrussy flavour.  25cl/46cl 4.70€/8.00€

ST STEFANUS BLONDE 7.0% – A Belgain “Bière d’Abbaye” of a slightly smokey taste. With hazelnut and caramel nuances and a hint of dark chocolate, yet not too sweet. 25cl/46cl 5.00€/9.00€

ROTATING GUEST BEER – See barstaff for details and price.

Picon Supplement 25cl/46cl 0.80€/1.60€


Alcohol Free Beer (33cl) – 4.50€

Corona Extra (35.5cl) – 6.90€

Desperados (33cl) – 7.00€

Guinness (50cl) – Widget Can 8.00€

Leffe Blonde (33cl) – 6.00€

Magners Irish Cider (33cl) – 7.20€

Mont Blanc White Beer (33cl) – 7.00€

Rinse Cochon Red Fruity Beer (33cl) – 7.50€



Languedoc – Mas de La Source. With a blend of 60% Cinsault and 40% Grenache grapes, this deliciously fresh wine has the perfect balance of soft, ripe fruit and freshness, with notes of raspberry and rose petal. Glass (17.5cl) 6.30€ Bottle (75cl) 20.30€


Merlot – Baie du Soleil. Flavours of Black cherry, berries, plum and chocolate. Glass (17.5cl) 6.30€ Bottle (75cl) 20.30€

Cotes du Rhone – Le Plan des Tours 2018. Silky, fruity and easy on the palette. Glass (17.5cl) 7.10€ Bottle (75cl) 28.00€

Crozes-Hermitage – Les Amandiers 2019. A crisp fruity tasting wine with freshness and floral aromas. Bottle Only (75cl) 32.00€


Sauvignon Blanc – Baie du Soleil. A dry wine with citrus flavours and hint of melon. Glass (17.5cl) 6.30€ Bottle (75cl) 20.30€

Chardonnay de Bourgogne – Bourgogne Blanc 2018 Domaine Olivier Depardon. A fruity wine with a strong vanilla tone (the missus drinks bottles of it!) Glass (17.5cl) 7.10€ Bottle (75cl) 28.00€


Champagne – Glass (16cl) 10.60€ Bottle (75cl) 55.00€

Prosecco – Glass (16cl) 8.00€ Bottle (75cl) 33.00€


Kir – White wine with a splash of Peach or Blackcurrant Crème. Glass (17.5cl) 6.80€

Kir Royale Savoyard – Champagne with a splash of Blueberry Crème. Glass (16cl) 10.90€



After Eight (2cl + 2cl) –  Baileys layered over GET 27. 8.00€

Aperol Spritz – Prosecco, Aperol and sparkling water 9.50€

Limonchello Spritz – Prosecco, Limonchello and sparkling water 9.50€

Bloody Mary (4cl) – Vodka and Tomato Juice 10.00€

Espresso Martini – Kahlua, Vodka & Cafe. 9.80€

Ginger Gin (4cl) – Whitley & Neil Rhubarb and Ginger Gin with ginger ale mixer. 9.40€

Pornstar Martini – Vanilla Vodka, Passoa, Passion fruit syrup and lime 11.00€

T’Punch – Rum, lime and sugar syrop 8.00€


Amaretto (4cl) – 8.00€

Bacardi (4cl) – 8.00€

Brandy (4cl) – 8.00€

Gordons Gin (4cl) – 8.00€

House Vodka Shot (2cl) – 3.80€

Jägerbomb (2cl) – 5.50€

Jägermeister Shot (2cl) – 4.80€

Kahlua (4cl) – 8.00€

Malibu (4cl) – 8.00€

Martini (4cl) – Red or White 6.50€

Meter of House Vodka Shots (10 x 2cl) – 33.00€

Meter of Premium Shots (10 x 2cl)45.00€

Premium Gin/Rum (4cl) – 9.00€

Spiced Rum (4cl) – 8.00€

Ricard (4cl) – Aniseed Spirit 5.00€

Sambuca Shot (2cl) – 4.80€

Tequila Shot (2cl) – 4.80€

Vodka (4cl) – 8.00€


  • Bushmills Irish (4cl) – 9.00€
  • Clan Campbell (4cl) – 8.00€
  • Jack Daniels (4cl) – 9.00€
  • Single Malt (4cl) – 9.00€


Genepy (4cl)7.50€

Baileys (4cl) – 8.00€

 Calvados (4cl) – 9.00€

 Cognac (4cl)9.00€

 Marc de Savoie (4cl)9.00€

 Poire Williams (4cl)9.00€

 Southern Comfort (4cl)9.00€


Hot & Cold Drinks


Americano Coffee – 2.90€

Espresso – 2.00€

French Coffee (4cl Napoleon Brandy) – 10.50€

Grog au Rum (4cl) – 8.50€

Hot Chocolate – 4.20€

Hot Chocolate with 4cl Baileys or 4cl Get 27 – 11.00€

Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream – 4.90€

Irish Coffee (4cl Bushmills) – 10.50€

French Coffee (4cl Cognac)10.50€

Tea/Tisane – 2.80€

Vin Chaud (16cl) – 4.90€

White Coffee – 3.70€


Coca-Cola/Coke Zero PET (33cl) – 3.50€

Fruit Juice (33cl) – 3.50€

Syrup with water (33cl) – 2.50€

Ginger Ale (33cl) – 3.80€

Ice Tea (33cl) – 3.50€

Lemonade PET (33cl) – 3.50€

Lemonade with Syrup (33cl) – 3.70€

Energy Drink PET (33cl) – 3.80€

Orangina (33cl) – 3.50€

Perrier (33cl) – 3.50€

Still Mineral Water (25cl) – 3.00€

Sparkling Water PET (33cl) – 3.00€

Tonic Water (33cl) – 3.50€

Happy Hour 16:00hrs to 17:00hrs

KOZEL Beer Small (25cl) 3.50€

KOZEL Beer Large (46cl) 5.00€

Single house Whiskey/Gin/Vodka (2cl) 5.10€

Double house Whiskey/Gin/Vodka (4cl) 7.20€

Small Merlot Red/Sauvignon Blanc/Rosé (17.5cl) 5.70€

Large Merlot Red/Sauvignon Blanc/Rosé (17.5cl) 7.10€

Non-Alcoholic Syrup & Lemonade (33cl) 2.50€